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New Kroger with Walgreens

What's in your wallet?

Really loved working on the voice over for Capitol One and Walmart!



Fun new social media for LaQuinta Inn

New Ryan Ebner spot

So much fun filming with this great director. And the little girl in this spot is currently on Broadway!



Back Country, "Virtual Vacation - Sick" from Raucous Content on Vimeo.

State Farm

Thank you to State Farm for this Puffer fish spot. Seriously don't eat puffer fish. 




Just did the ADR for my upcoming part on APB. Can't wait to see how it turned out on April 10!





Reader Review

Myself and Antoine McKay, whom you may have seen on Fox's "Empire" get to improvise with each other each week. And we just got a fantastic review!



When: Through 2/21: Sun 8 PM 
Price: $8
Hosted by Antoine McKay and Christy Bonstell, this one-hour set is a uniquely theatrical Annoyance production featuring improv inspired by special guest stage actors. Three-time Jeff Award winner Aaron Todd Douglas (Congo Square Theatre Company, Goodman Theatre) kicked things off with an Othello monologue on the night I attended, which “’twas passing strange” and cleverly turned on its head in McKay and Bonstell’s successive bits as a dimwitted monk and progressive nun. The duo’s most interesting talent, made clear after Douglas’s second monologue, from August Wilson's Seven Guitars, is their ability to blend comedy and drama on the fly. One minute a doomed southern couple mourns their relationship that never was; the next, a seedy man in tight pants places a blackjack bet with Pringles. —Marissa Oberlander


I got to play a homeless woman on Shameless. It was a fantastic experience. 

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